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The Kiss
Shot near the port of Washougal WA.
Springtime portraits with Keegan and Jess….. Man these two nailed it! SO much fun. 
I had a shoot reschedule and i was a little bummed. But I was stoked My oldest was willing to take a few photos with me. He’s growing up too fast!
so today we went to the park….. and we found a large puddle….. we took a photo just before everyone jumped in!
uh, so we had rain all week, and then out of no where comes this amazing golden hour light as the sun decided to show itself. Light coming in through the front porch.
Punchbowl falls with some people and rocks.
On the Hilltop
James hiked up first

Carry it with you.

A few days back, I had to head to OHSU for a DR. Apt…  I’m not often in Portland , so I figured I’d bring my camera with me just in case. I’m glad i did. I Had some fun getting a few shots from the tram, and hope to go back and explore the city.

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